Premises and service - all you need at one place


When you think about renting an apartment you dont have to worry. We have a reception where you can solve all your issues from how to use your apartment to providing above standard services, such as: cleaning, laundry etc.


Living in the city center does not necessarily have to mean facing difficulties when you are trying to find a parking space. You can get to our three-story underground garage (with a capacity of more than 300 vehicles) comfortably by elevator directly from your apartment in Albertov Rental Apartments. Access to the garages is guarded by a smart card system and by security video cameras. The underground vehicle parking is available for all long-term and short-term tenants who are renting aparrtments in Albertov Rental Apartments although some parking spaces are reserved for supermarket and restaurant guests.

Shopping center

Further services can be provided by the shopping center, which is a part of the Albertov Rental Apartments premises and which partially represents their natural boundary. The shopping center includes a stylish restaurant, a supermarket, a pharmacy and an optician's eyeware store. For more information on services provided above see the respective section.

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